LJ Process Engineering and Mining Supplies has a full complement of highly experienced, comprehensively trained fitters and turners. Machining is carried out to customer specifications using the most sophisticated CNC machines on the market.

Victor / Leadwell

  • CNC Milling
  • CNC Turning
  • Drilling / Tapping / Reaming
  • Forming
  • Jigs
  • Fixtures

CNC Machining Centre

  • 2D Milling
  • Helix Milling
  • 4 Axis Milling
  • Thread Milling

CNC TurningCapacit

  • Up to 10″ diameter inchuck
  •   3″ diameter though spindle

The latest generation Driven Tool Victor and Leadwell lather equipped with magazine bar feeds.

Multi-Spindle bar Automatics

  • 13/4″ though the spindle Wichmans equipped with various attachment for complete machining of components

Single Spindle Automatics

  • Up to 31/2″ diameter though spindles on Wickman & EMI – MEC bar feed autos.

Comprehensive range of Drilling, Horizontal and Vertical millers, capstans and lathers for future 2nd op capacity.

Extensive experience in, machining most materials. Please ask for further details.


Most materials machined including:


  • Duplex UNS31803, 32760, 31254(6MO) etc
  • Stellite and Carbide Coatings
  • All grades of stainless steel
  • Brass, Bronze
  • Nickel Alloys, Alloy 400, 500, 625, 825, B2, C276


LJ Process Engineering and Mining Supplies has all the latest design packages including Autocad 2012 and Mastercam 2012.


At any one time we carry stock of all items for the different industries we support

Repairs and Services

LJ Process and Mining Supplies has a dedicated repair and maintenance department to ensure that downtime turns into productive time. Repairs to all types hydraulic engineering and mining components are carried out to the highest quality standards.


We fabricate small to medium components for the different industries out of different makes and materials.

  • Hoppers
  • Head pulley
  • Rollers
  • Pipe Services (Medium to High Pressure)
  • Tanks for all industries
  • Supply Bearings, Pully’s Gears, Hoses(Hydraulic), fittings and Claps
  • Onsite Machining
  • New Float Cell Units
  • Plant Maintenance (General)
  • Floatcells
  • Conveyor systems
  • Screens

Trolleys In Progress

Trolleys in Progress

RCS 30 Bearing Unit

RCS 30 Bearing Unit

Final Assemblies

Final Assemblies