Three steps

Step One | Stripping, assessment and disposal .

  • Individual quotation number tagged to cylinder and associated parts, ensuring traceability back to the customer at any stage during the repair process.
  • Spare parts kept together in binds to eradicate contamination with other parts.
  • Failure analysis and damage report
  • Itemised and transparent proposal.

 Step Two | Customer go-ahead

  • Contract review to ensure LJ process Engineering and mining supplies’ understand the customer’s specific requirements.
  • Route sheet and job number allocation
  • Drawing made according to specification
  • First and final inspections carried out.

Step Three | Package and delivery in optimal refurbished condition

LJ Process Engineering and Mining Supplies has designed a new dart valve that the Lonmin Group have currently standardized on. The new design has been SARS approved and it’s being used on all Lonmin concentrators.  We are currently in the process of designing a naw rotor which has been tested at Lonmin. The rotor has shown remarkable results after it was taken out after 11 months. The rotor in the process of being patented.

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